AICE provide a range of technical and scientific services, including support with field research, collaborations between research institutions


Rental of research & Assistance in purchasing equipment

If you want to purchase your own research equipment, such as cameras, protective boxes or collars, we can advise on the best products, and import and purchase the products.

  • We have the following equipment for hire
  • Reconyx camera traps/Cuddeback
  • Protective metal boxes
  • Locks and cables to secure camera trap
  • Sherman traps

Field data collection

We can assist with collecting data for projects. We can supply our own vehicle, technicians, and field equipment and can do the following

  • Camera surveys
  • Small mammal surveys
  • Rodent trapping and surveys
  • Capture and collaring of animals

Data Sharing

We have an extensive collection of data sets, resulting from many years of camera trapping and animal trapping. Secondary data was always collected, such as non-target species photographed during camera trapping, or captured during animal trapping or collaring. We collected additional data such as parasites and DNA. We love to share!

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