Community Engagement

List of publication

Peer reviewed papers, reports, books and awareness material that results from AICE projects, or student supported by AICE, are listed below:

Peer reviewed papers

High carnivore population density highlights the conservation value of industrial sites (2018)

Camera trap and questionnaire dataset on ecosystem services provided by small carnivores in agro-ecosystems in South Africa (2018)

Predation by small mammalian carnivores in rural agro-ecosystems: An undervalued ecosystem service? (2017)

A systematic review of rodent pest research in Afro-Malagasy small-holder farming systems: Are we asking the right questions? (2016)

Response of instream animal communities to a short-term extreme event and to longer-term cumulative impacts in a strategic water resource area, South Africa (2016)

Hierarchies of knowledge: ethnobotanical knowledge, practices and beliefs of the Vhavenda in South Africa for biodiversity conservation (2018)

Community-level responses of African carnivores to prescribed burning

Patterns and drivers of rodent abundance across a South African multi-use landscape

Low-intensity environmental education can enhance perceptions of culturally taboo wildlife

Viral prevalence in wild serval population is driven by season and sex

Mesocarnivore community structuring in the presence of Africa’s apex predator

Responses of carnivore assemblages to decentralized conservation approaches in a South African landscape 2020


Report State of biodiversity report and serval management plan (2019)

Report Non-invasive data collection management plan for mammalian carnivores (2019)

Awareness material

Nature guide Buysdorp

Poster Survey efforts and seasonal effects on small mammal diversity and density estimates in a highly modified landscape (2017)

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